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Candy Snatchers
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A RATING community for the dollies that go that extra mile in the alternative scene.

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What we're looking for:
Goths, Dolls, Deathrock and Batcave bois and gurls, Cybers, Rivetheads, Androids, Dramaqueens, Candy Ravers, Cutesies, Punks, Rockabillys, Glam rock feather boa children, Gothabillys, Pin-Ups, Glamour queens, Trashy princesses, Fetish cunts, Maids, Nurses, Mistresses, Faeries with smudged lipstick, the Lolitaesque, Cosplayers, the Transgendered, Dreamers, those that were born in neon and UV clothes, those that were born in animal (eg. leapord, zebra..) print clothes, and suchlike.

We also want photographers and artists to join - to show their work (which will have to fit into a category of any of the above)...

What we DON'T want:
People who can't hack critisism (if you apply then just accept the fact that there will be people who like and dislike what you have to show), people who won't listen to what others have to say and take their opinion into account, people who will delete their applications after getting a few 'No's (pussies), people who will lick member's asses on applications (come on! This fuck just insulted you and your oh-so-hardcore music tastes! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!).

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There is no age limit as you can't put an age on good style and the words that leak out from the individual's mouth.

Take note: I invited 10 people to start off with, who are to be auto-accepted.. they do not need to post an application. Just three pictures of themselves and an introduction (can be as long or as short as the individual wants).

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Application - Put 'Time for my gynaecological examination' as the Subject line in your application so we know that you have read the UserInfo.

Favourite bands/artists (do not list the whole music industry):
Write about yourself some more (can be anything here: opinions, interests, hobbies... the more creative the better):
Photos (no less than 4 and no more than 15):
Promote us to at least three other communities (optional, but strongly encouraged.. and don't promote us to promotion communities either - they sux0r):

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Your maintainer/moderator - uv_ragdoll

+ Do NOT comment on anything other than YOUR application, or make a new post altogether other than YOUR application.. until you have been stamped and accepted (failure to follow this rule will result in you being banned)
+ Have an application ready upon joining, we don't want lurkers.. you have 24 hours after joining to post an application - failure to do so in the time limit will mean YOU WILL GET BANNED - FUCKER!
+ You can argue and disagree with the members as much as you like... I love a bit of drama... Just remember: It's better for people to think that you are stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.
+ Racism, homophobia, and such like will NOT be tolerated.
+ Do not post photos in your application that have been edited digitally in any way, shape or form. (you may only post these once you have been stamped and accepted, or if you are a photographer/artist joining up)

+ Be very critical with applicants, don't just let anyone in.
+ Racism, homophobia, and such like will NOT be tolerated.
+ Vote and promote!
+ Whore yourselves on camera - don't be shy, you were accepted here for a reason.

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